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In 1 Cherry we are resilient and aim high! We always say 'I can do this' and we enjoy challenging ourselves. On our page, you will see what we are learning about and any experiences we encounter. If you have any questions about what we are learning about, homework or school in general, please speak to Mrs Murphy or Mrs Scholes.


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 Improving Sentences - 23rd May 2018

This week, we have been writing our own stories based on 'Fidgety Fish'. We have created our own characters and settings. So far this week, we have written a story and edited it. We now want to improve them further by adding exciting vocabulary.

The sentences we had to improve were;

He met a giraffe.

He met an ant.

He met a frog.


What do you think to the new and improved sentences?


Celebrating the Royal Wedding - Orchard Style!

We are so excitied about the marriage of Prince Harry to Megan Markle this weekend. We decided we wanted to find out more. This morning, we looked at the history of the royal family and what they look like now. We discussed Megan Markle; where she is from, what her job was and what her job will be now.

Then, we thought it would be fantastic to have a 'street' party with the rest of KS1. Each class prepared food or juice. We made biscuits and decorated them.



 We also made our very own crowns.



We then had a letter from the Queen. We had to solve addition number sentences to crack the code!



Here we are having our street party! We had jam sandwiches, juice, biscuits and buns! We also had a dance to our favourite songs.


Phonics - 18th May 2018

We are beginning our revision sessions in 1 Cherry for our Phonics Screening Tests. So far, we are doing amazingly well. Here we are showing off just how fabulous we are at phonics!

(But also, look at our handwriting skills...WOW!)

Something exciting is happening in KS1! 

We have been very excited in KS1 this afternoon! We have new reading books!

Our new reading books are accessible for both boys and girls, are able to help us with our phonics, have exciting adventures in them and so much more!

On Friday, we will be able to take them home for the first time and we can't wait to share them with our parents, brothers/sisters and grandparents.

Look out for us bringing these home!!

Here we are having a sneak peek....


Art - 9th May 2018

Today we have started our art work based on 'L.S. Lowry'.

Today, we started the topic by colour mixing. We had to write a sentence to show what two colours mixed together made. We predicted then mixed the colours together. Some of the colours we made were grey, brown, 'hot' pink and orange.


 Sharing and Grouping in the Sun! - 8th May 2018

What a lovely day!

It is so lovely in fact that we decided to take our Maths lesson outside. Today, we were completing our division unit by grouping. We had 12 cubes and we had to investigate how many different ways they could be grouped by sharing them out.


Some of us knew our three times tables are were able to group cubes quickly. Watch us in action!


Learning About Democracy - 2nd May 2018

This afternoon, we had an assembly on 'Democarcy'. When the children returned, they wanted to know more. We started to discuss it and we ended up voting on whether we would like to keep our school uniform or not. We had a fantastic debate on this and the children voted at the end. They voted that they would like to keep our school uniform.


Have a look at what we thought!


First Week Back

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and spent time with your family and friends (as well as eating lots of chocolate!)

We have come back ready to work in 1 Cherry!

Here is some of what we have done so far this week...



In Maths, we have looked at making equal groups using cubes.



In English, we have started looking at a new book called 'Fidgety Fish' about a little fish who can't stay still! Look out for a video of us re-telling the story soon!


Most excitingly, we have opened our new KS1 provision area. We have construction, role play, writing, maths, sand, art and phonics areas set up relating to what we are learning about in class. As well as a shared area, we have now introduced shared reading into our classrooms. In shared reading, we unpick texts and discuss them.





It has been a brilliant half term in 1 Cherry! We have learnt so much and although we deserve a break, we are definitely looking forward to next half term. There is so much to look forward to!

Today, we have getting ready to celebrate Easter. We made Easter cards for our friends and family and listened to the Easter story. We also did an ~Easter Wordsearch and two children won an Easter egg for their amazing efforts!



In assembly, we said good bye to Mr Wood who is leaving us today to start a new job in a different school. We wish him of lots of luck!


We hope you all have a lovely Easter!



Doubling!          26.3.2018

Today, in Maths, we have been doubling! We have used different equipment to double such as drawing pictures, cubes, numicon, counting animals and pegs.


We also used tens frames. We split the numbers onto two tens frames and then recombined them.


 To Infinity and Beyond!

This term, we have been learning about 'Space'. We have learnt about all the different planets and Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. We have written information texts and created some amazing art work. To top it all off, we had a visit from 'Wonderdome' on Friday. It was amazing to see all the planets and find out more facts. Here are some pictures of just some of the things we have been learning about or created over the past couple of weeks...


Our Art Work!

Our amazing planets we created!

When Wonderdome came to Orchard!

 Sports Relief Mile

Today we took part in a sport relief mile. We did three laps around the school grounds.

19th March 2018

Take a look at what we have been up to today!


In Maths, we have been looking at capacity. We had three bottles and had to make sure that they were all empty, full and half full. We discussed what was meant by 'half full'.


Measuring - 15th March 2018


In Maths today, we have been measuring! We have been using scales to make objects balance. We also put them in order of heaviest to lightest.

 Science Day!


Today we are celebrating the amazing world of science! This morning, we had an assembly with the science boffin. She did some brilliant experiments. Then we had a workshop where we saw more fantastic experiments. We were amazed!!

We did an experiment on floating and sinking. We got excited when we were right! We recorded our answers in a table and afterwards, discussed why things float and why they sink.

World Book Day in 1 Cherry! 


In 1 Cherry, we love to read! We started the day by reading Mrs Murphy's favourite book 'Nat Fantastic' and we even joined in. She asked us lots of questions!

We have also dressed up as our favourite characters.



We were challenged to create our own character. We had 'Frog Man', 'Ladybird Girl', 'Pirate Sam' and 'Marvellous Mike'. We had to describe them using adjectives. Here we are creating them...



We were lucky enough to have a visit from 6 Oak. The Year 6 children came to visit us and read lots of books with us. We really enjoyed this time.


"I thought reading was okay but now, I love reading. I liked reading books to the Year 1's. When can we do it again?"

(Quote from Year 6 child).



"Mrs Murphy, I used my phonics to read that book (Room on the Broom) to my partner. I told them what the book was about and they asked me other questions too. I got them right because I looked at the text".

(Quote, Year 1 child)


What has happened to Mrs Murphy's favourite books? We went on a book hunt to find them. We had to follow the clues in the brown envelopes to find them.



We finished our day with a whole class photo and an assembly presented by Mr Sayles.



In the assembly, Mr Sayles mentioned #shareastory and taking a picture of us reading a book in an odd place.

Please do this and add the photo to our twitter page!

 5th February 2018


In Maths this week, we have been learning about tens and ones. We have used different equipment to show our thinking. This might be numicon, cubes, pictures, hundred squares or counters.

Look at what we achieved...


Tuesday 13th February 2018

Today we are on our second week of multi sports. We have learnt co-ordination, agility and balance. Here are some photos of us in action!



Wednesday 14th February 2018

In English, we have been learning about poems. We have listened to a poem called 'Through the Magic Window'. In this poem, we can see different, magical creatures. To ensure we understood the poem, we had lots of fun learning the words, creating actions and working in pairs to perform it. Watch us in action!


15th February 2018

 As a class, we decided we wanted to show off how amazing we are! We are always resilient, do the right thing and support others in the classroom. We though everyone should know so created a 'Mission Statement'. As soon as we walk through our classroom door, we will all be everything that we have listed.


Curriculum Overview

 We love learning in 1 Cherry! Please see our curriculum overview to see what we are learning each term.


Click here - /docs/Curriculum_Overview_1_Cherry.pdf


 Measuring - 26.2.2018

 This week in Maths, we are learning how to measure using a range of equipment accurately.

Today, we measured lots of objects using paper clips, cubes and we looked at centimetres on a ruler.

Look at what we did...



Today we started to learn about Andy Warhol. We learnt facts about his life and looked at his bright, colourful pictures. We had a go at doing our own.