Orchard Primary Academy

Orchard Primary Academy

Orchard Primary Academy

Aims and Vision


Resilience Enjoyment Progress


1. Rapidly improve progress and outcomes for all children.

2. Provide a relevant and engaging curriculum that inspires learners’ curiosity and that will build their resilience;

3. Promote inclusivity and provide a variety of outstanding ‘wider-world’ opportunities to meet both children's academic and holistic needs;

4. Build strong links with the local community through parental support, training and a whole-school celebration;

5. Provide a safe environment for our children where the child’s voice is a key influence on school policy;

6. Embed a culture of self-belief, respect, compassion and aspiration for our children to reach their full potential.


At Orchard Primary Academy we aim to provide our children with a broad and balanced curriculum that encourages them to be resilient and inquisitive. We will provide children with a wide range of enrichment opportunities that increases their knowledge of the wider world. Our ultimate goals are to provide a safe and respectful environment and rapidly improve outcomes for all pupils.