Meet the Caterpillar Staff

All the EYFS staff are on hand to help every day, our door is always open and we will do our best to make time to discuss your child's learning and progress.

Miss Murray - Class Teacher and Early Years Leader

Mrs Birkett - Part Time Class Teacher

Miss Hague - Teaching Assistant


Class Mission Statement

In the Caterpillar class our motto is...

"If I try I can."

This means we don't give up when we find something difficult , we keep trying and we try to stay positive. We are learning to develop resilience in our learning.

Useful Information

School Starts at 8.45am every day. You can join us from 8.45 - 9am every day to support your child with a writing challenge. We would love to see you there.

Tapestry - We use online learning journals to track each child's learning and write observations. If you do not have access to this please let us know and we will help rectify that. You can also upload to Tapestry and show us your child learning at home.

 PE is every Thursday afternoon - PE Kit should be:

· pumps (indoor) /Trainers (outdoor)

· a plain White round neck t-shirt (no logo)

· Plain Black PE shorts

· Pump/Sports bag for storage

Book Bags should be brought to school every day!

Please label all uniform, including hats, scarves and gloves in this cold weather.

Our Timetable can be found by clicking the image   


Check out our newsletter from 4th June 2018:



Caterpillars 14.5.18

Look at our caterpillars! After eating all of the food, the caterpillars have crawled to the top of the pot where they have started to transform from a caterpillar into a chrysalis. You can see they are shaking here, this is to warn off predators! We're very excited to see what will happen in the next stage of their life cycle.

Decorate an Egg 29.9.18

We had three fantastic entries for the decorate a hard boiled egg competition.

 Kayson's eggs and chicks in a nest.

Joseph made a yellow chick, a red chick, a bunny rabbit and Humpty Dumpty.

Mr Carbutt had a really difficult job choosing a winner but he finally decided on Freya's Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall.


Easter Egg Hunt 29.3.18

We had great fun today on our Easter Egg Hunt. We had to find the different colour eggs around the playground and read and write the numbers and words on each egg.

    We used teamwork.


Easter Activity Morning 27.3.18

We had a fabulous morning celebrating Easter with parents. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us.

Loui and Mum discovered the pictures in the egg and wrote a sentence to match the picture.

Kayson -  "I rolled a sphere for the chicks head and body."

Oliver was happy to share his grandma with his friends. They all built walls for Humpty Dumpty to sit on but poor Humpty just kept falling off.

Evie and Mum had un singing the 5 Little Ducks rhyme together to entertain her friends.

Joseph and his Mum worked together to draw a picture of our Daffodils and write about them.

Kandinsky 23.3.18

This half term we have been looking at the artist Kandinsky. We enjoyed looking at his art and finding different shapes he uses in his art. Our favourite piece was his Circles painting.

We decided to replicate his work and made our own using paints and crayons.

We had so much fun creating it outside on the playground with chalks.

Signs of Spring 21.3.18

Today we finally spotted some signs of spring around school.


Sports Relief Mile 20.3.18



Science Day 14.3.18

We loved exploring colour on Science Day with the Skittles experiment. When asked what would happen when we poured water on the skittles many children predicted that the colour would come off.

We tested this prediction by taking a skittle each and licking it to make it wet and see what happened. As predicted the colours came off.

When eating a skittle Kayson said, "It's like an explosion of flavour in my mouth."


It was very exciting seeing the colours running off the skittles as we didn't see this happen in our mouths.

Emily watched the colours and said, "the red and yellow will make orange."

Next we went outside to watch the coca cola experiment. We talked about how Coca Cola feels fizzy when we drink it and Miss Murray explained the Bicarbonate of Soda which we were adding is also fizzy. The children predicted that I was going to make the Coca Cola really fizzy but they were unsure what that would mean.

 There were lots of excited screams.

 World Book Day 9.3.18

In the Caterpillar Class we always love 'Sharing a Story' but it has been even more magical today with everyone dressed up as their favourite characters.

We chose to read the books of some of the characters we were dressed as, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Beauty and the Beast, The Avengers, Alice in Wonderland and Horrid Henry, to name just a few.

Our class winner for fancy dress was Alfie, dressed as Mr Bump. The whole class loved the Mr Men stories we read and Mr Bump featured in more than one of the stories.

3 Pine came to visit and share some of their stories with us. It was wonderful to have so many role model readers with us and we look forward to doing it again in the future.




We will be having a big focus on hand writing this half term. You can help at home by having a go of these fine motor activities.

Try practising handwriting at home with your child using these rhymes...



Today we discovered what happened to Supertato...

...he was frozen! The children thought of many ideas to get him out. We decided that we didn't want to hurt him by smashing the ice, so we would have to find ways to melt the ice. There were some great ideas, put the heating on, a hot bath, put him in the sun, a dressing gown and a blanket. We spent the afternoon using many of these ideas to melt the ice and free Supertato.


Supertato left us a message today and a book all about his adventures.

We read the book until we got to the cliffhanger, Supertato was falling into the this the end for Supertato?


The Evil Pea has gone too far now, he drew all over Broccoli's face and upset him. Today we started making Wanted posters to display around school and let everyone know that there is an Evil Pea on the loose.


The Evil Pea trapped the vegetables! We had to work together to untangle them and set them free. Then we had to hunt around the classroom for Evil Pea's to uncover his hiding places. The children wrote warnings and notes to let everyone know where the Evil Pea could be hiding.


The Evil Pea has been up to no good in our classroom. Poor carrot was trapped by him! Luckily Supertato came to the rescue with his super strength.


Today our classroom was invaded with pictures of a strange looking pea and he left us a note. We think he might be a bad pea as he says he wants to take over our classroom.


We had a lovely time at our Christmas party. We played musical statues, pass the parcel and had fun showing off our dance moves. We enjoyed eating party food and were so excited when Santa turned up with a gift for us all. We even sang Santa a song.



We had a visitor in our classroom last night. The Kindness Elves asked Santa to come and read our letters. We were so excited to find this picture today! 5 more sleeps.