The Curriculum at Orchard

We are at the start of a new adventure at Orchard and one of our main aims is to develop a child-centred curriculum that is creative, inclusive and most importantly, relevant to our children. We aim to develop a broad and balanced curriculum which prepares children for the next stage of education and for life outside of education. In line with the academy's aims, we will aim to promote curiosity and build  resilience within our curriculum.

We provide a personalised curriculum, where relevant, to ensure all groups of learners can make accelerated progress. Leaders look to tailor the curriculum and learning opportunities for those children identified as having Special Educational Needs and children with significantly high abilities.

We understand that as an academy, we have a responsibility to ensure that all children have the opportunity to build their basic skills and knowledge in Maths and English. We believe that these solid foundations will allow our children to flourish in other areas of the curriculum and ensure that our children leave Orchard 'secondary ready'. In English, we deliver high-quality phonics teaching on a daily basis to ensure that our children leave Key Stage 1 as functional readers. Reading is an integral part of our curriculum and drives all areas of our teaching. Fluency, problem solving and reasoning are key drivers within our Maths curriculum as we aim to grow our children in investigative mathematicians.

At Orchard, the teaching of Humanities, arts, science, physical education, and most importantly, PSHE is integral to the holistic development of our children. We teach our topics through a theme-based approach, ensuring that National Curriculum objective are covered and cross-curricular skills are applied. Where possible we aim to give children wider-world experiences based around the topic that inspire learning and curiosity. Half-termly homework is set based around the humanities or science topic where children are encouraged to be creative and practical.

We strongly believe in providing our children with as many spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) experiences as possible. SMSC is driven and weaved throughout our curriculum. Children are given the opportunity experience a number of off site trips and visits. We offer a varied range of in-school experiences from theme days and weeks, to sports and arts experiences. For more information about our commitment to wider-world experiences, or to see our children in action, please visit our academy Twitter page

If you wish to find out more about our curriculum, please visit our key stage coverage pages and our core subject curriculum overviews. Alternatively, please contact to academy office to arrange a meeting with a member of the leadership team.