Principals' Blog

 W/C: 22nd October 2018

We have had a wonderful start to the year and the children continue to be a credit to the Academy. Every single visitor that comes to the Academy comments on how well behaved, respectful and enjoyable our children are. Our feedback section on the Academy website has captured some of their feedback.

We have held some fantastic theme days so far this year: none better than our ‘World Languages’ day. We had a great day celebrating those countries that are different to ours and how they speak differently, eat differently and believe in different things. The key message that came from the day was however, that despite these differences, we are all humans and have much more in common than we realise.

I have reflected on how far we have come in a year and how different the Academy is. We are a ‘proper’ school now and our reputation has changed within the local community and within the local authority. We are on our journey and I truly believe that the sky is the limit for us here at Orchard.

Dream Big and Dare to Fail.

w/c: 24th September 2018 

This week saw the Academy hold the first 'World Languages Day' where each class were given a country from around the world to study and celebrate for the day. The purpose and message of the day was to help the children understand that there are people outside of their local community, and indeed country, who speak, look and act different to them. The day was a huge success and classes took me on a journey around the world: taking me from Kenya to Uganda, then all the way to Morocco. The children too part in food tasting, traditional dancing, art projects and evening a day in the life of a child from their chosen country going to school. The day was concluded with a whole-school assembly, where children presented the things they had done throughout the day. 5 Sycamore class provided great entertainment with a traditional Swiss folk dance! 

At Orchard we aim to provide the children with a vast range of world experiences both in and outside the classroom. Although we couldn't take them each country, the staff did a fantastic job in bringing the countries to Orchard. 

Well done everyone!

Mr Carbutt

Dream big and Dare to Fail.

w/c: 14th September 2018

Welcome back to all of our children, staff and parents. I hope you have had a fantastic summer and enjoyed some of the wonderful British weather that we had. The children have come back to school very well. Their behaviour and attitude to learning has been fantastic and I am really excited for the year ahead. When I think back to the school that I walked into last year, and think how far we have come, it makes me feel very proud of the children and staff.

We now begin the second year of our journey of improvement and myself and all the staff are fully committed to ensuring that your children receive the best education. We have lots planned and aim to build on the good things that we did last year, whilst improving on some things that we didn’t do so well. Your support with things like homework, attendance and behaviour is greatly appreciated.

We continue to drive our school motto ‘Dream Big and Dare to Fail’ which reminds the children that they can achieve anything in life and that it is ok to make mistakes and fail along the way.

Mr Carbutt

Dream Big and Dare to Fail!

2017/18 end of year blog

What a year we have had at Orchard and what a privilege it has been to serve the children, staff, parents and local community as Principal at Orchard Primary Academy. When I took the job, people said I must have been mad! I look back at those people now with a proud smile! I can honestly say this has been the most rewarding (and tough) year of my life and I couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved this year.

We have completed what I call our ‘transitional’ year and have made lots of positive changes to teaching, learning and systems. I would like to thank you for your support and positive messages this year and promise you that things will only continue to improve as we move in to our ‘embedding’ year in 2018/19. Thank you to all of the staff for their hard work and commitment, those that have left, are leaving or those who have joined us.  

Finally, thank you to the children! You make me so proud every day and I am honoured to be your Principal. You have worked extremely hard and have shown fantastic resilience all year. Enjoy a well-earned rest! 

Have a great summer and here’s to a super 2018/19! 

Mr. Carbutt 

Dream big and dare to fail!

w/c: 25th June 2018

What a great week at Orchard. We have had lots of sports teams representing the Academy this week. They have done so with teamwork, professionalism and winning/losing in the correct manner. Well done to all.

We are very excited for September and have had all of our new teachers in as part of our transition day. The staff and children had a great morning. The World Cup is in full swing and have had our own in-school World Cup this week - what an amazing day!

Mr. Carbutt

Dream big and dare to fail!

w/c: 4th June 2018

Welcome back everybody.

So far, the summer term has been a busy one. We have had lots of trips, visitors to school, wonderful work in classrooms and lots of exciting challenges. We have focused on aspirations and dreaming big and daring to fail in all aspects of our lives. This term has also seen existing staff moving onto new challenges and new joining the Academy on its journey of improvement.

I am so proud to be the Principal of Orchard and represent the local community. Our children are amazing we are all so proud of the progress that they are making. Here's to a successful and enjoyable end to the year.

Mr. Carbutt

Dream Big and Dare to Fail!

w/c: 21st May 2018

We have come to the end of our spring term and it will be a term that will be remembered for the ‘Beast from the East’ and ‘pest from the West’ which caused us lots of problems and ultimately closed the academy for four days. It has also been a very busy term with new faces joining Orchard and some familiar faces leaving us. What has been very pleasing is how resilient and positive the children have remained as we ‘tweak’ things and people come and go. The children continue to go from strength-to-strength and every visitor who comes to Orchard comments on how polite, well mannered and hard working the children are. I am very proud of them! I hope all of our children and families have a lovely break and Easter.

Mr. Carbutt

Dream Big and Dare to Fail!

w/c 16th April 2018

A very warm welcome back to all of our children, parents and staff at Orchard. We are at the start of our summer term and a term that will see lots of exciting things happening at the academy. We have lots of spots events planned, educational trips and lots of visitors coming in to tell us all about their careers and jobs. Our curriculum driver this term is ‘aspirations’ and our message is simple ‘Dream big and dare to fail.’

I look forward to seeing you during this term and seeing all of the amazing things that we can achieve.

Mr. Carbutt

w/c: 12th March 2018

We finally had a full week at school as the snow stayed away. What a great week it was too!

Wednesday saw our annual science day take place on the day that the science genius Stephen Hawkings passed away. We had a special visitor in Vicky the 'Science Boffin' who came into school and showed us some amazing science experiments in assembly, and then worked with each class to share the love of all things science. We also invited Reverend Simon from our local church to talk to the children about resilience. To finish the week off we had a visit from our Chair of Governors Barbara Cunningham. She was blown away by the excellent behaviour that she saw and the respect the children showed her and their peers. Well done!

w/c: 5th March 2018

We were again denied a full week at school due to the snow as we had to close on Thursday. However, we did get to celebrate World Book Day 2018 on Friday and celebrated our love of reading together. Children were given the opportunity to read with children from other classes and it was great to see our oldest children reading with our youngest of readers. We had some super fancy dress costumes as children and teachers dressed up as their favourite book characters: we had it all from Fantastic Mr Fox to Supertato! 

Let’s hope the Great British weather behaves itself this week and we get a full week at our amazing and unique school.


w/c: 26th February 2018

Well the 'Beast from the East' really did cause us lots of problems this week. Regrettably, we had to close our wonderful academy for 3 days due to the snow and unsafe grounds around the building. Our children and parents were fantastic despite having to arrange childcare and sort work issues. As Principal, I thank you for your patience and support during the past week. 

We did see some wonderful snowmen uploaded to our Twitter and Facebook pages and it was great to see our families having fun together. We also saw lots of reading (some extreme!) during the closure, which was fantastic to see our children reading for pleasure at home. 

Onwards and upwards next week as we hope for milder weather and a full week at school. 

Resilience: Enjoyment: Progress