At Orchard Primary Academy we build a curriculum that is for the children of our local community. We believe that our children need to be exposed to a wide range of spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues and experiences. We use 'curriculum drivers' to promote specific themes each term. This year we will focus on: 'Respect and Tolerance' during the autumn term; 'Resilience' in the Spring term and will finish the year focusing on 'Aspirations' in the summer term.

We have developed a strong PHSE and RE curriculum to ensure direct teaching is explicit and ensure that assembly themes and topics are relevant and topical the curriculum drivers. We have developed a curriculum that incorporates issues around: anti-bullying; online-safety; mental health; charity and money; keeping safe and global theme/celebrations.

Underpinning the SMSC and PSHE curriculum is a tailored programme of enrichment opportunities and focused life-skills to ensure our children are prepared for life in wider world.

Please click this link to access our yearly SMSC/PSHE overview