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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Welcome to 1 Cherry

We are Year 1's. On this page you will find any important information and see some the exciting things we get up to in class. We work really hard in our lessons and also learn through play.

Our school motto is:


And we work hard to stick to this.

"My dream is to be a teacher." - Tia, 1 Cherry

"When I'm older I want to be a policeman." Kaison, 1 Cherry

In our class we know its okay to make mistakes and we never give up. We always try again. WE ARE RESILIENT!


Important Information

 Please see below some documents you may find useful. They provide you with information about what we will be getting up to in 1 Cherry.

1 Cherry Timetable

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Outdoor Classroom Day - 22.05.19

Today we have taken our learning outside in the sunshine. We went on a synonym hunt in English.


Then we sorted the vocabulary in to the correct tiers. We drew our own tiered vocabulary triangles in the playground using chalk.



In Maths we teamed up with 2 Beech to make equal groups using bean bags and balls. We completed giant sentence stems to describe our groups.



Africa Day - 21.05.19

We started our African themed day by learning how to play African drums. We had lots of fun!



Even Miss Minghella had a wonderful morning getting involved with the African drumming πŸ₯



Handa left 1 Cherry a surprise 🍈🍍 🍊



We then produced some fantastic writing. We retold the story of Handa's Surprise ✏️



Teddy Bears Picnic

                     It was a pleasure to spend lunchtime in the sunshine with my children🐻




 Through the Magic Door - 14.05.19

Today our classroom was sprinkled with a touch of magicβœ¨πŸ’«. We were so excited to find out what was behind our magic door πŸšͺ! We wrote poems to describe what we might see behind the magic door.



Through the Magic Window ...

We have written some amazing poems today in 1 Cherry! βœοΈπŸ“šHere we are acting out our poems πŸ‘                       

 1 Cherry meets Jigsaw Jack

Today we have been introducing ourselves to Jigsaw Jack! We made him feel safe and welcome in our classroom.






Easter Egg Decorating

Here are some of our amazing πŸ’« parents and children decorating their eggs for our competition πŸ₯š 🐣



All Star Cricket - 9.4.19

We had an amazing cricket 🏏 session this afternoon! We learnt lots of new skills and it was really fun! 


We love to share a story! 

Laila read us her favourite story to end the day. πŸ’« 🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️  We love to read to each other in 1 Cherry.


M & M Productions - The Secret Garden

 What a wonderful start to the week, a wonderful performance of The Secret Garden 🌳🌸

Learn a New Skill Day

 On Wednesday 20th March we had a Learn a New Skill Day. Across Key Stage 1 we completed 7 different activities where we learnt lots of new skills. The skills we learnt were, Drama, French, Drawing, Break the Maths Code, Dancing, Face Painting and Netball. We also learnt some circus skills. We were extremely resilient when learning our new skills and had an amazing day.




 British Science Week

To celebrate British Science week, we had Science day in school. πŸ”­πŸ¦ To start the day we learnt all about Charles Darwin! We tested our knowledge by answering questions about him!



Our first experiment of the day was to make a lamp!





Then we wrote  up ✏️ our experiment ⏳





We then teamed up with our friends from World Book day, to share some more fun experiences. This time it was Science. We looked at absorption and chemical reactions and learnt lots of new tier 3 words.



 World Book Day 7.3.19

We had an amazing start to World Book Day πŸ“š. We had a very special magical visitor in school! πŸ§™‍♀️ πŸ’«


Then we discovered Captain Cherry has been on a magical adventure on the οΏ½Room on the BroomοΏ½ trail! We didn't know how he got there! We decided to write a recount of his adventure and mind mapped key vocabulary we could use in our writing.πŸ’™



Then we wrote up our recount using time adverbials, adjectives and prepositions! βœοΈπŸ“š



             We were very excited to share a story with Year 6!




   Look at some of our amazing creations! #toymaking #homework #talentedchildrenandparents



Pancake Day 

Happy Pancake Day πŸ₯ž πŸ₯ž We have already eaten our pancakes and they were delicious πŸ˜‹.


 More Multi Skills!

What a fantastic way to start the day! πŸŽˆπŸƒ‍β™€οΈπŸƒ‍♂️ We love multi skills! We have been looking at our ABC, agility, balance and coordination.


Super Maths!!

Amazing effort this morning in Maths! ✏️ πŸ“š We are using lots of different resources to represent numbers within 50! We love Maths!!!!

  A Special Visitor 14.2.19

We have had a very special visitor this morning Mr Sayles. He taught us an amazing English lesson. We used lots of adjectives to describe the Gruffalo! 🐻 We hope he comes back soon! ✏️


Multi Skills 12.2.19

We have had a fantastic morning taking part in multi skills. We have been working on our agility, balance and co-ordination! We had lots of fun!!


Captain Cherry

We have been making Captain Cherry feel at home by reading him one of our favourite stories πŸ“š.


Our Trip to Build A Bear

WOW! What an amazing morning at Build A Bear! We  made our own superhero bear called CAPTAIN CHERRY πŸ’« . We have now welcomed him in our classroom and we are excited to read him stories! In class we will be writing a recount of our trip using the past tense, time adverbials and adjectives. 


 NSPCC Number Day

We started NSPCC Number Day by immersing ourselves into the story one is a 🐌 and ten is a πŸ¦€.We then worked in teams to explore numbers from the story 🐌 πŸ¦€ 🐢 πŸ•·We also represented numbers using the story πŸ¦€ 🐌 and in lots of other ways such as bar models, tens frames and part whole models! In the afternoon we took part in some Hungry Caterpillar Maths Yoga with Miss Cardus. We love Maths!!!



1 Cherry loves Maths!!! 29.1.19

We have had a fantastic morning in 1 Cherry learning all about fact families in Maths! 


We love exploring vocabulary!

This week we have enjoyed exploring the meaning of new words from our story 'Lost in the Toy Museum' using dictionaries. 


Hide and Seek!!!! 23.1.19

Today the Toys went missing in the daylight! They were hiding at the zoo! We produced amazing writing to describe the adventure using prepositions, adjectives and writing in third person.  Mr Sayles and Year 6 also had a special visitor from our class to talk about his fantastic work!!!



Lost in the Dinosaur Museum!!!! 22.1.19

We discovered yesterday morning that the Toys from the museum have been very busy over the weekend! They ran away from Bunting to hide in the Dinosaur museum next door! We have been writing in English all about their adventure using lots of adjectives and prepositions.




 Victorian Life

 This week we have been learning about what life was like in the Victorian times. We have discovered lots of new facts about Queen Victoria, what Victorian life was like and how different life was for Victorian children during these times. In groups we created mind maps to record our findings.



 Lost in the Toy Museum!

During our first week back we have been immersing ourselves into our new book 'Lost in the Toy Museum'. We have created our own story map, discovered lots of new vocabulary and acted out the story.




All Aboard the Polar Express!!!

 This week we have been learning all about the Polar Express. Today we were all very excited when the Polar Express train came to Orchard! Miss Minghella gave us all a golden ticket so we could board the train and Mrs Scholes stamped our ticket for us to board the train with all our friends. We had hot chocolate like in the story and we then wrote about why we all deserved a place on the train. We also drew snowy pictures and made train biscuits which were delicious!!! In the afternoon, we took our cushions and blankets and watched the film in the hall. We also had a surprise visit from Santa, and we all got a present. It was a fantastic day!










Christmas Dinner Day 12.12.18

 Today as a class we all had a Christmas dinner.  We had Yorkshire pudding, turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes and lots of vegetables! For dessert we had the choice of lots of festive treats.. We pulled crackers and discussed the holidays.



Hot Seating 10.12.18

Today in 1 Cherry we became characters from our story Dragon Post. Children in class took their place in the hot seat and answered questions based on what they got up to in the story. Children were encouraged to answer all questions in first person using I or we. We enjoyed becoming characters from the story and were able to write lots of sentences in the first person.


Letters to Santa!!!

On Thursday we posted our letters to Santa! As a class we walked to the local post office, we were very excited to post our letters. We really hope Santa writes back! We all have our fingers crossed!       

We love Christmas!!!

This morning Buddy the Elf returned our decorations so we could decorate our Christmas tree. We were very excited and we all placed baubles on the tree. We worked in pairs to add tinsel. Our tree now looks wonderful and we are ready for the festivities. We also made our 2019 calendars which look amazing!








DRAGON POST! 5.12.18

This morning we were VERY excited in 1 Cherry! We received some more DRAGON POST! This time the postcard had been sent from the North Pole! 


Buddy the Elf!

This week we have also had a special visitor in 1 Cherry. He arrived in our classroom on Monday morning, he was sat on the carpet in front of a  small door. We are eager to find out what is behind the door. We have made lots of predictions about what might be behind the door. He has also been looking through our SMSC book and we even found him at the top of our tree! But all our decorations are missing! We are excited to find out what other mischief our Elf will get up to.





What a Wonderful Monday! Christmas has arrived at Orchard! 3.12.18

To start the Christmas celebrations we had a Christmas decoration day. We all came to school in our Christmas jumpers. We sang lots of Christmas carols and made some amazing Christmas cards. We also made our decorations to go on the fabulous Orchard tree in the hall and wrote our letter to Santa. We made a handprint Santa and each child placed their decoration on the tree. It was a fantastic day and we thoroughly enjoyed it! 










Special Post!

This morning we had a very exciting delivery!!!!! We received a postcard from Alex's dragon! DRAGON POST!!!!! He is travelling with his best friend Alex and he sent the postcard from Spain. He asked us to describe where he is using lots of adjectives. We were excited to write about his location!



I wonder if we will receive any more DRAGON POST from his travels ...


 Visiting the Pentecostal Church 27.11.18

1 Cherry were excited to visit the Dewsbury Pentecostal Church. We had a fantastic morning! We made Christmas decorations and took part in a nativity created by the wonderful people who run the church! 






Alex's Postcards 

This week we have been learning about postcards. We have been looking at different postcards sent to and from Alex in our story Dragon Post. In 1 Cherry we are now able to identify the key features of a postcard. Here is some of our work ...



Living Things and Their Habitats

 In Science we have been learning about living things and their habitats. We decided to look around our surrounding area to try discover  different habitats that animals live in around school. We talked about how animals can sometimes live in trees, underground and build nests to protect themselves from other wildlife.

Children in Need

 What a fun day raising money for children in need! 1 Cherry came to school in their best Pudsey outfits we had Pudsey jumpers, pyjamas, Pudsey ears and Pudsey dresses to name a few. All children and adults at school looked fantastic! We enjoyed painting Pudsey masks and creating acrostic poems about Pudsey.


Here we are ......


Snow White - M & M Productions 15.11.18

 WOW! What an amazing show! We had a fantastic morning!

Here we are eagerly waiting for the show to begin ...




Here is a video and some pictures of the greatest show  ...




1 Cherry remembers ...

Yesterday we had a lovely visit from the reverend of Dewsbury Minster who talked to us about Remembrance Day. As a Key Stage we created some poppy art to be displayed at the minster. Here are some pictures of our visitor and our poppy art.


Our amazing topic homework!


Over the half term break the children have been busy creating some amazing castles and shields for our 'Knights and Castles' topic homework! I am so proud of what they have created and how much effort they have put in to their homework!

In 1 Cherry we are CREATIVE, here are some of our FANTASTIC masterpieces ....


Friendship in 1 Cherry!


On the last day of term in 1 Cherry we learnt about friendship. We talked about how we could be a good friend to each other and what type of actions would make us not a good friend. In groups we discussed different situations and if it was being a good or bad friend. We also talked about why our friends in class our good friends. Here are some pictures of our team work and our friends.




Halloween in 1 Cherry!

On Thursday 25th October we celebrated Halloween before the half term break! The children had a fantastic time at the disco with Eva winning first prize for best costume! Here are some pictures of 1 CherryοΏ½s spooky and scary outfits! They all looked amazing!






Super addition - 17.10.18

Today in Maths we have been using different resources and methods to work out addition number sentences. We have used numicon, cubes and bar models! 1 Cherry love Maths!





Instructions - 17.10.18

Today in 1 Cherry we have been giving each other instructions to develop our understanding of imperative verbs. We worked in pairs to give each other instructions.




 How to wash your hands - 16.10.18

In English we are learning all about instructions. Today we decided to follow some instructions and answer questions about them. We followed instructions for washing our hands.  As a class we talked about how we must follow them in order.  We also discussed why it is so important for us to wash our hands as it prevents us from spreading germs.


Here are some pictures of what we got up to ...


Autumn Walk 10th October 2018

 To celebrate the start of Autumn, 1 Cherry went outside on a walk around the school to see what changes a new season brings to our surroundings! We discovered that leaves were changing colour, we collected red, yellow and orange leaves which had fallen from the trees. We also found lots of acorns on the ground. We are excited for what this season brings! We can't wait for Halloween!!!


First Aid Training - 8th October 2018

Yesterday, we received some fantastic first aid training from St Johns Ambulance!  The lovely lady Caroline taught us how to help somebody when their hurt  and demonstrated the steps we must take to help. The first step we learnt was to check for danger before rushing towards a person and always shout for help. She showed us how to check if someone is unconscious and how to check they are breathing. We then learnt how to put each other into the recovery position and how important it is for us to learn our postcode in case we have to call 999.  1 Cherry were amazing at putting our new skills into practise!




National Poetry Week 2018


This week, to celebrate National Poetry Week, we have been looking at different nursery rhymes as poems. As a class, we decided we wanted to perform a poem in our celebration assembly. The poem we chose to perform was  'I'm a little tea pot',we created actions to match each part of the poem.  We were really excited to perform it and really enjoyed listening and reading different poems!




World Languages Day 2018

Xin Chao!

For World Languages Day, our class celebrated by learning all about Vietnam! First, we learnt some Vietnamese, we learnt how to say hello (Xin Chao) and my name is (Tenh toi la). We also discovered on a map how far away we are from Vietnam. We were amazed to find out we are 6114 miles away. 

We also talked about what they eat in Vietnam and how they make and buy their food. We were shocked to find out they have no supermarkets! We were lucky enough to taste some of their cuisine.

Then, we learnt about how far children in Vietnam walk to school and discovered this journey can be up to 3km. We decided we would try to walk some of the distance in the playground to experience what it is like for Vietnamese children. It made us feel very tired and we decided we wouldn't like to make such a long journey to school everyday!

Finally, we learnt who Vietnamese people worship, we discovered it was a dragon and we made our own dragon. We had a FANTASTIC day and we would love to go visit Vietnam one day!


The Little Princess - 20th September 2018

Today, we were very excited because we had a visit from a theatre company. We got to watch a fantastic production about a story called 'The Little Princess'. Although it was lots and lots of fun it covered key PSCHE themes such as bullying and how we should treat others! 1 Cherry thought it was SUPER!!!! We can't wait for them to come back!!!!

 1 Cherry's secret visitor! - 17th September 2018

This morning in 1 Cherry we made an exciting discovery!

We came into class to find a letter, book and superhero cape all from Nat Fantastic. The letter asked us to immerse ourselves into Nat's adventures. He asked us not to read the story yet but to predict what we think might happen and the best writer must wear his superhero cape for the rest of the day! Here our some of our predictions ...


Predict a story 1... 

Roald Dahl Day - 13th September 2018


On the 13th September, we celebrated the life of Roald Dahl by looking at a range of his amazing stories and learning about his life! Miss Minghella showed us her Roald Dahl treasury from when she was a little girl and we chose our favourite story. We really like George's Marvellous Medicine and decided we would come up with our own recipe for grandma! We had lots of fun writing gruesome things to add to our medicine, we add our ideas to our own pans!