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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Orchard Primary Academy

Welcome to 3/4 Pine! 

We are a mixed class of Year 3s and 4s. Here on our page you will find lots of important information and get a glimpse of all the exciting things we get up to.


In 3/4 Pine we work hard, even when things aren't that easy, and enjoy our learning.

We are extremely proud of our school motto:

Dream Big and Dare to Fail

Important Information

Summer Timetable

Spring 1 Newsletter

-Reading books and diaries need to be in school every day. Please aim to read with your child three times a week and sign their diary to say so.

-Homework will be given out on a Friday and is due back in school by the following Wednesday.

-Year 4 will go swimming every Monday.  

Maths Through Stories

In Maths this week we have been exploring multiplication and division using the story 'One is a Snail Ten is a Crab'.

We loved using the pictures and the context of the story to solve problems and even make a start on some early algebra!


Child Led Learning

In Lower Key Stage 2 we are trialling a new approach to our planning of topic lessons. Today all of year 3 and 4 got together in the library, to find out what this terms topic would be. After a brief input, and looking at some pictures, the children then got into groups and created mind maps and lists of questions around what they wanted to find out about the Vikings. Miss Hirst, Miss Darby and Mrs Beckerson will use the children's ideas to plan the topic lessons until Easter.


Mirror Mazes

In Science this half term we are learning about light and dark. This week we have been focusing on reflection, looking at what materials reflect light and what properties reflected light has. This afternoon we went outside with 4 Ash and used mirrors to reflect a chalk pattern on the playground floor. We had to use the reflection rather than looking at the pattern on the floor. It was very difficult!


Orchard Welcomes Olaf

This morning we had a very strange start to the day, instead of Miss Hirst welcoming us into the classroom we were greeted by Olaf the Viking. Olaf had travelled all the way from Scandinavia to share his stories about Viking life. He brought a variety of artefacts for us to explore and even taught us how to become a brave Viking warrior. We ended the session with a Viking vs Anglo-Saxon battle - Check out our twitter page for more photos and videos.

NSPCC Number Day

Today was National NSPCC Number Day. We wore non uniform and completed a range of mathematical problems and challenges to raise awareness for this fantastic charity. Today we had to put this terms curriculum driver 'Resilience' into practice as many of the challenges took some real thinking about.

Children in Need

We spent today celebrating and raising awareness for Children in Need. To raise money we came in our own clothes and bought buns.

Remembrance Day 2018

This year is a particularly important year for Remembrance as it marks 100 years since the end of the war. Key Stage 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from Dewsbury Minster. They delivered an assembly on the importance of Remembrance and we presented them with art work we had made. The art work is going to by hung in the minster for the whole of Dewsbury to see!

Dream big and DARE to fail

We started our new term researching our school motto.  We found out that Norman Vaughan said 'Dream big and dare to fail' when he finally made it to the top of the mountain that had been named after him.  We talked about how long it took Norman to reach the top of the mountain following many, many set backs and discussed how this can inspire us to keep on going even when things go wrong.

Image result for norman vaughan

We also learned that many famous people didn't achieve their dream to begin with and had to work hard to get the job that has made them famous.  Ask your children about J.K. Rowling's typewriter and Colonel Sanders selling chicken from his living room!  So many people in the world to learn from.


Today in computing we have been trying out our typing skills with Mrs Carter-Green's favourite game.  Use the link below to try at home.

Dance mat typing   Image result for bbc dance mat typing

Emma Bright and the super food fight

The lovely team of writer's who created the story about Emma Bright were in school last week and we have a great time in the workshops they did with us. 

We acted out some parts of the story in groups and imagined what it was like to be a carrot or some broccoli!  We found out about the different super powers these vegetables have which work on our bodies.  Carrots have beta carotene and that is fantastic for our eyes! 

National Day of Languages Wednesday 26th September 2018

Today we found out lots about the people who live in Bangladesh.  We tried to sound out some of the language but it is very different to English. We started our day with finding out where Bangladesh is and how far away it is from where we live.



Everyone's favourite part of the day was when we got to try some Bengali food.  We had spicy rice with chickpea dhal.  Then we got to make some mango lassi.  It was just mango pulp (we cheated it was from a tin) mixed with natural yogurt and some milk.  Definitely what some of us needed after the spicy rice and dhal!!



 National Poetry Day Thursday 4th October 2018

We had such a fun day today.  Lucy brought us in a poem to start off the day which she had written at home.  We enjoyed reading lots of poems during our usual guided reading lesson and discovered that many of them followed the theme of this year's day, which was Change. 

Mrs Carter-Green told us that her favourite poem is The Owl and the pussycat and that she has loved it since she was our age.

Everyone has a really good go at writing a poem about change.  Some of us wrote about the change in the seasons and others wrote about starting a new school or moving house. 


 Sketching inspired by Henry Moore  Friday 5th October 2018

We have been learning about Henry Moore�s art work and began trying out sketching techniques last Friday.  Today we are taking turns at being models and artists.  Take a look at some of our artists at work...


Leon and the Place between in PE Monday 8th October 2018

As we've been reading Leon and the Place Between in English we've also been trying out some circus skills in PE.  Today we tried a bit of juggling and some pretty fancy tricks involving spinning hula hoops. 

Ellie the queen of hula!

 Mighty Mountains - Geography

As you know we have been finding out about Mighty mountains in our geography lessons over the last few weeks.  We have researched mountain ranges in our computing lessons and also found out about the way that the height of a mountain is shown on a map. This first piece of work is by Harvey who worked very hard to show the UK's mountain ranges on a map. 

Everyone marked out the contours of a (potato) mountain and these were sliced up so that we could draw around the individual slices to show the contours of our potatoes.




Parent's evenings

It has been great to see so many of you at parent's evenings this week.  Don't forget that I am always out on the playground and available to speak to you about any concerns or achievements you wish to share with us at school.

Henry Moore sculptures

We have continued to look at Henry Moore's sculptures in art and are working towards making our own sculptures using clay.  This week, we designed our sculptures using tin foil.  It was very tricky to get them right but gave us the chance to think about what we would like to make with our clay next week.


What makes a healthy lifestyle?

Today we have been talking about healthy lifestyle choices.  As a class we came up with all sorts of ideas for things that make you healthy and talked about things that we already do.  Tia told us it is important to learn and keep your mind healthy.  Harron drew out this diagram of what can happen if you don't get enough sleep.


We made comparisons between healthy and unhealthy choices.  It sounds like we have a very healthy outlook in this class as everyone was full of ideas.