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Orchard Primary Academy

Welcome to 3 Holly!

Welcome to our class page! Here you will see lots of the exciting activities and lessons that we take part in.

Viking Day!


Last week we had a very special visitor in school Olaf the Viking! Olaf visited and told us lots of things about life during Viking times. We learnt about the food that Vikings ate, the clothes they wore and about the battles they took part in.



On Wednesday we went into the library to take part in some child led learning. Miss Hirst told us a bit about the Vikings and then we got together in groups to think about what we wanted to learn about them.



This week in maths we have been learning about multiplication. We loved using our knowledge to solve problems. We investigated how many lolly sticks it would take to make different shapes and applied  our multiplication knowledge to this.


Henry Moore Sculptures


In Art we have been building up to designing and making our own sculptures based on the work of Henry Moore. First we designed our sculptures and then we made them using clay. We tried really hard to use our fingers to smooth out our sculptures so that they mirrored the style of Henry Moore's. Have a look at our photos of us making our sculptures.



Our Marvellous Mountains

This half term our topic is Mighty Mountains. We have been learning all about lots of mountains from around the world. As part of our homework some of us have been making some fantastic mountain models.  Here are a few of the mountains that have been brought in so far. I think you'll agree that they are amazing!

Henry Moore Sketches

This half term in our Art lessons we are basing our learning on the work of Henry Moore. On Thursday (27th Sept) we used our sketching skills to sketch drawings of our class mates in the style of Henry Moore. First we looked at some sketches and discussed the different techniques that Henry Moore had used. Then we worked in groups of 4 to be artists models and got into different poses like the sketches.



World Language Day

World Language Day

 On Wednesday (26th Sept)  it was World Language Day. Every class in school was given a country and we were very excited to be given South Africa- we couldn't wait to start learning all about it.  First we learnt where South Africa was and found it on a world map. Then we learnt about some of the animals that lived there. We also learnt about Nelson Mandela and talked about his life. After lunch we learnt about different foods that are popular in South Africa and got to try some plantain, which is like a big banana and some biltong. We learnt that in South Africa hello is 'Aweh' and then we practised saying hello to each other in South African.

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the day:




Roald Dahl Day 13th September

Today has been Roald Dahl day. We learnt about him and his life and then learnt about some of the books he wrote. We were very surprised to learn that he was a fighter pilot in the Second World War!

Then we channelled our inner Willy Wonka and got busy making chocolate bars of our own. We created posters to advertise our delicious creations.


3th September

Maths Week 2

This week in maths we have been learning all about 3 digit numbers.  We've made them using equipment, found 10 more and 10 less, found 100 more and 100 less and compared them. We have tried really hard with our maths this week and are starting to feel really confident with 3 digit numbers.

Have a look at some photos showing what we have been up to.


Our Class Rules.

During our transition days we decided as a class what our class rules would be.

  • We always try our best.

  • We always listen when someone is talking.

  • We always remember our manners.

  • We always show resilience in everything we do.