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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Orchard Primary Academy

Our Curriculum

Curriculum Rationale and Vision

We have developed our curriculum model at Orchard Primary Academy specifically for the children of our local community.

Our model promotes a quality, broad and knowledge-rich curriculum with the holistic needs of the children at its heart.

At the core of our curriculum is the development of the social and emotional needs of our children.

Through our motto ‘Dream Big and Dare to Fail’, children develop their social and emotional resilience that permeate through our three curriculum drivers:

  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Aspiration

The values and knowledge that are both ‘taught and caught’ through these drivers are the foundations of our Academy.

We believe that all children can achieve, no matter what. With a high proportion of children coming from a disadvantaged context, there is a high priority placed on wider-world experiences and enrichment opportunities. The enrichment opportunities available to the children are meticulously planned to ensure they are relevant to the curriculum and the children’s circumstances, whilst expanding their culture capital. Alongside this, is the commitment to educate our children to be healthy and safe in all aspects of their lives, whilst developing their life and citizenship skills.

Through high expectations and improved attitudes towards learning, children are given the opportunity to gain new knowledge that builds on their previous knowledge and understanding.

Curriculum Intent

A relentless focus on basic-skills and heightened expectations is key to the teaching of all subjects and ensures that our youngest learners ‘catch-up’ from their low starting points, and that achievement and knowledge deficits are addressed for our older children.

We believe that developing strong foundations in Writing, Reading and Mathematics will allow children to succeed and make stronger links across all subjects.

Breadth and depth

The curriculum is structured so that all knowledge, skills and vocabulary is taught and delivered progressively and to ensure that prior knowledge is applied to deepen understanding.

Without embedded prior knowledge and concrete experiences, children will not be able to make links to new learning. That is why we make prior knowledge development and enrichment opportunities a key focus of our curriculum.

Social and emotional development

Until our children are emotionally ready to learn, the quality of education is negatively affected.

Through a strong commitment to pastoral development and a PSHE/SMSC curriculum developed to meet the specific needs of our children, we are able to work through their issues and concerns to ensure they are ready and hungry to learn. We are committed to child and staff mental health and wellbeing and believe that this is a barrier that we must treat as a priory for the Academy.  

Curriculum Implementation

To see our exciting curriculum at Orchard, please visit our curriculum planning pages for subject and year group information and overviews.

To experience our curriculum, please visit our Academy Twitter page to see all of the wonderful things that our children do and experience (@OrchardPrimaryA). You can also visit individual class pages for more information about or curriculum implementation.

Curriculum Impact

Please see our model below which outlines the way leaders measure the impact of our curriculum.

We will measure the quality of education and our curriculum through:

If you require any further information regarding our curriculum please speak to your child's class teacher.

Alternatively you can contact the school office on:

Telephone |  01924 469578 
Email |  office@orchardprimaryacademy.org.uk