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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Orchard Primary Academy

Curriculum Topics

These are the topics that we cover throughout the year. Click on the links below to find out about what we teach in each topic. 


In Pre-School, Nursery and Reception our topics are:

Autumn Term 1 - Marvellous Me (Coming soon)

Autumn Term 2 - Let's Celebrate (Coming soon)

Spring Term 1 - If you go into the Woods... (Coming soon)

Spring Term 2 - A Walk on the Wild Side  (Coming soon)

Summer Term 1 - Roots, Shoots and Muddy Boots (Coming soon)

Summer Term 2 - We all go Travelling by (Coming soon)

Key Stage One

In 1 Cherry, 1 Ivy, 2 Willow and 2 Beech our topics are:

Cycle A

Autumn Term 1 - Me and My Country (Coming soon)

Autumn Term 2 - My Family History

Spring Term 1 - Our Wonderful World

Spring Term 2 - The Great Explorers (Coming Soon)

Summer Term 1 - Seasons

Summer Term 2 - Seaside Holidays

Cycle B

Autumn Term 1 - Looking after my Environment 

Autumn Term 2 - Our Local Heroes 

Spring Term 1- The Great Fire of London (Coming Soon)

Spring Term 2 - Food Glorious Food (Coming Soon)

Summer Term 1 - Great Inventions (Coming Soon)

Summer Term 2 - Out of Africa (Coming Soon)

Lower Key Stage Two 

In 3 Holly, 3/4 Pine and 4 Ash our topics are:

Cycle A

Autumn Term 1 - Me and My World (Coming Soon)

Autumn Term 2 - Stone Age

Spring Term 1 - Rivers and the water Cycle 

Spring Term 2 - Bronze and Iron Age 

Summer Term 1 - Egyptians

Summer Term 2 - Coasts

Cycle B

Autumn Term 1 - Looking after my Community 

Autumn Term 2 - Roman Britain (Coming Soon)

Spring Term 1- Crime and Punishment (Coming Soon)

Spring Term 2 - Natural Disasters (Coming Soon)

Summer Term 1 - The Americas (Coming Soon)

Summer Term 2 - Darn the Pit (Coming Soon)

Upper Key Stage Two 

In 5 Chestnut, 5 Sycamore, 6 Elm and 6 Oak our topics are:

Cycle A

Autumn Term 1 - Our World in the Future (Coming soon)

Autumn Term 2 -  Ancient Greece 

Spring Term 1 - The Amazon 

Spring Term 2 - The Anglo-Saxons

Summer Term 1 - Extreme Earth

Summer Term 2 - The Impact of War

Cycle B

Autumn Term 1 - Protecting our Environment 

Autumn Term 2 - The Vikings (Coming Soon)

Spring Term 1- Frozen Kingdom (Coming Soon)

Spring Term 2 - Mayan Civilisation (Coming Soon)

Summer Term 1 - Journeys {trade} (Coming Soon)

Summer Term 2 - Journeys {Immigration} (Coming Soon)