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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Orchard Primary Academy

Feedback about our Academy

We are extremely proud of all the children and staff at Orchard Primary Academy and love having people to visit. We also enjoy hearing positive comments from our visitors, parents and the local community. Below are some recent comments that we have received. 


Can I just say ORCHARD!!
SO SO proud of you....SO SO  pleased you are one of my Schools!!
You were really outstanding!!....An unbelievable effort....You really did embrace the day......and your tweets....well what can one say. 
There were a handful of Schools across WY posting regular tweets but if there was a comp for most tweets, original tweets, moving picture tweets, variation tweets, content tweets yada yada yada..
Mick Troop 
SSP Manager & School Games Organiser 


Your all doing such a great job, I’m very proud to say that my son goes to orchard primary academy ❤️     Facebook Message 24th May 2020


Hi this is not a message with a question, this is just a message to say Thank you to all staff members. It’s a hard time for everyone right now and I am very appreciative of the efforts made to keep us updated with plans and the support given by the school to not only pupils but parents too. You are all the hero’s we will be clapping for tonight. Thanks again 

Email Received on Thursday 21st May 2020


Parent Views from Parent's Evening April 2019


"Fabulous work today! All children were engaged. We sang the wilderness adventure song and created floor art using leaves and twigs" 

Feedback from Forest School - Wilderness Adventures Teacher 18.10.18


"What a pleasure it has been to meet the pupils and staff at Orchard Primary Academy. Everyone has helped us by keeping the children calm and orderly. Thank you. we will see you again next year!"

Feedback from the flu immunisation nurse 18.10.18 


"I am really happy with (my child's) progress from where he first started. The support he has received has been fantastic, this has shown in his work and behaviour. All staff have given their dedication, as they do with all the children, and shown resilience when most other schools would have given up!"

Feedback from parent's evening 17.10.18


"1st parents evening tonight since my eldest son left Orchard, was a bit strange.... so looking forward to the schools refit..... exciting times ahead well done. Love this school . P.s my children are doing Fab"

Message left on Facebook by a parent 16.10.18


"(My child) loves coming to school. He feels safe and is doing so well learning and settled well with his new teacher." 

Feedback from parent's evening 16.10.18


"(My child) loves coming to school. She loves learning and her teachers are in her words 'the best teachers ever'! "

Feedback from parent's evening 16.10.18


"Today has been amazing. I found it very good to see what (my child) is doing. I found the phonic session really knowledgeable to see how it's done and how they learn. Would be nice to do it again."

Feedback from a parent at the EYFS Bedtime Story Morning 25.09.18


"It's been an absolute pleasure to be invited to share our 'Super Food Fight' healthy eating concept in Orchard Primary Academy. The children have embraced the drama with enthusiasm and the crafts with creativity and ideas. Thank you for looking after us and for providing such a welcoming, fun and friendly environment where children can learn whilst developing ideas and skills."

Emma Bright and the Super Food Fight 14.09.18


"This is my second time at Orchard Primary School and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching in this school. What a transformation! Friendly and supportive staff, lovely display work celebrating children's achievements and most importantly the calming effect you feel the moment you enter the building."  

Supply teacher 06.07.18