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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Orchard Primary Academy


At Orchard Primary, we strive to provide all children with a high-quality Geography education to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world, and its people, which will always remain with them.  Children will leave Orchard Primary Academy with knowledge about diverse places, diverse people and diverse Geographical environments. Children will know the location of major countries and cities around the world and, based on their landscapes, have some idea of what life might be like there. Our evolving Geography curriculum needs to be robust, give every child the skills and knowledge they need to become well-rounded citizens of the world and to inspire a sense of wanderlust so they can travel as far as they feel comfortable knowing that the world extends a lot further than the boundaries of their local area.

Please find below a document that outlines the coverage of our Geographical teaching, alongside the knowledge and skills that will be developed.

Click Here - Geography Coverage Document 


Throughout the teaching of Geography via our topic approach, we aim to inspire pupils' curiosity to learn and understand about the world, its people and their place in it. We equip pupils with knowledge about diverse places, enable pupils to think critically, ask questions, competently use Geographical skills to gather information and to develop understanding, perspective and an awareness of their world.These are the Geographical topics that are covered throughout a pupil's time at Orchard Primary Academy:


Key Stage Cycle Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term



A Me and My Country - UK Our Wonderful World Food Glorious Food
B Looking after My Environment


Out of Africa



A Me and My World Rivers and the Water Cycle Coasts
B Looking after my Community  Natural Disasters The Americas



A Our World in the Future South America - The Amazon Extreme Earth
B Protecting Our Environment Frozen Kingdom Journeys - Trade


As pupils progress through school they will develop their Geographical knowledge and skills under 4 headings. These are:

  • Geographical Enquiry
  • Physical Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Geographical Knowledge

At the start of each new topic, pupils will demonstrate their prior knowledge in their books, this will enable teachers to ensure they have the firm foundations to build upon. Children will be encouraged to reflect on the knowledge learnt throughout the topic and then their understanding will be visible in books at the end. Key vocabulary and prompts will be displayed in and out of the classroom environment, enabling children to absorb and reflect continuously, supporting long term knowledge development.  

Please find below a document that shows the progression of Geographical knowledge and skills:

Click Here - Geography Knowledge, Skills and Understanding Progression Document