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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Orchard Primary Academy


The Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputy Head boy and Deputy Head Girl at Orchard Primary Academy play a vital role in the life of the school. They are the pupils’ ‘public face’ of the school representing the school in a number of public situations. They may be required to speak to groups of parents, children and teachers (with support). Some duties may be during playtime, lunchtime, after-school or evening.

The Head Boy / Girl will have their jumpers embroidered with their titles to ensure that they are identifiable to other children. The school leaders who support them will be provided with a yellow 'School Leaders' badge.

The Role of a School Leader

Student leaders will;

  • be role models for the school.
  • welcome new people into our school and provide tours.
  • support the leadership team in making vital decisions for our school.
  • implement 'Rights Respecting Schools'.
  • build relationships with children in other year groups and adults within school.
  • work well as a team.
  • be dedicated to making our school the best possible place.
  • be polite and responsible.
  • attend school everyday.


Our Vision

We collated ideas in our first meeting for our vision for student leaders. We believe;

  • We  must be respectful of our fellow student leaders, other students within school and all staff, including teachers, office and dinner ladies.
  • Help students, staff and visitors when they need it.
  • Have attendance above 96%.
  • Achieve in class.
  • Be responsible in class and around school.
  • Be confident in our abilities.
  • Be ready to learn at all time.
  • Ensure that we are safe in our environment and encourage others to do so.
  • Always be resilient and aspire other to be as well, offering words of encouragement. 
  • Listen to pupils and staff.
  • BE patient with children, especially if they are younger than us or need help.
  • Guide our peers to follow us as role models.

Our New Leaders - 2020 / 21

On Friday 9th October, we voted for our new head boy, girl and the deputies.

To be able to accounted for this position, the children had to first of all apply for their position, explaining why they wanted to be head boy or head girl. From this, children then had to write their speeches. The amount of children who wanted this position was incredible and demonstrated the children's passion for making a difference at our school. The final 7 were chosen, who read their speeches to the whole school before they voted.

The speeches were completed over zoom. Each speech was vivacious, showed a true representation of our vision of aspirations, resilience and respect and the children's amazing personalities. Mrs Murphy then counted the votes to announce the Head Boy / Girl and deputies. 

Meet Our Student Leaders - 2020 2021

Head Boy and Head Girl  Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl 

Year 1 Leaders Year 2 Leaders 

Year 3 Leaders Year 5 Leaders