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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Orchard Primary Academy

School Ambassadors

Welcome to the School Ambassadors page.

Here you will find ongoing information about everything our School Ambassadors are creating, developing and debating to make our academy a better place for all!

We have three 'Head Ambassadors', who lead the School Ambassadors Team. These Year 6 children were voted for after delivering fantastic speeches to the whole school, explaining what impact they would have as a 'Head Ambassador'.  Our School Ambassadors Team is also includes pupils from Year 1 - 5.  The children in these roles applied and were selected by the children in their class during a celebration of 'International Day of Democracy'. Children explained their reasoning for wanting to be part of the School Ambassadors team and then, their peers voted for them. The role of Student Ambassadors team is to work together with their class, the other representatives, teachers and the Principal to have a say on how our academy is run.                            

The Team

Our Head Ambassadors


              Isabella Bates                           Jane Airhunmunde                           Troy Firth


Our School Ambassadors


                       Jaxson Allen - 1 Ivy                              Tia Murkin - 1 Cherry 


                   Esmae Hughes - 2 Willow                         Lily Corrigan - 2 Beech              


                     Harry Walker - 3 Holly                         Jenson McMurray - 3 Aspen


                     Lexi Jenkinson - 4 Pine                          Karen Airhunmunde - 4 Ash


                    Dylan Price - 5 Chestnut                        Hollie Wragg - 5 Sycamore


Staff Ambassadors


            Mrs Murphy                                 Mr Wakefield                            Mrs Senior

        Assistant Principal                            Year 6 Teacher                        Year 6 Teacher

Code of Conduct 

As a school ambassador, we will;

  • be a great role models for others in school.
  • be a good communicator.
  • share ideas, whilst also listening to others.
  • be respectful.
  • be kind.
  • be honest with ourselves and others.
  • create a safe space where we can share our ideas.
  • be a fantastic representative for our school.


 Our next meeting will be:

TUESDAY 6th December

 Current Projects

Our next project is supporting the school and community. We will be LITTER PICKING!

Keep an eye out on our page for more information coming next week!

Meeting Minutes

Please click on the buttons to access the minutes for our meetings.

13.9.2022 27.9.2022 11.10.2022 

1.11.2022 29.11.2022 


School Ambassadors in Action!

On the 15th September, it was 'International Day of Democracy'. For this, each class voted for their new school ambassador. Children explained why they wanted to be the school ambassador and the changes they would like to see at school. Class members then voted for who they thought would represent their class and the school well. Well done to all those who were chosen to be part of the School Ambassadors team and a HUGE thank you to all those who took part.