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Welcome to the Nursery and Preschool 'Home Learning' page. This page will be updated weekly with suggested activities for you to complete at home whilst school remains closed. 

Please share your photographs/ videos and comments of learning using Tapestry and Twitter. Click the images below to access these websites.


Also keep an eye on Tapestry for 'memos' of  activities. Notifications will be emailed to parents as these are posted.

We would love to see your learning at home. Tag your tweets of your home learning with our Nursery twitter handle: @NOrchardpa

So much learning can take place during the quality time spent with our families. You could play board games, help with gardening, share a story, help to clean, make meals and wash up as well as just talking and spending time together.

Take care of each other and stay safe.

From all the Staff at Orchard Nursery


Please click on the daily tabs below to view each days 'Home Learning'.


Monday 18th May


Our Nursery Rhyme of the Week

Can you practise singing the Nursery Rhyme of the week?

Now that you know the words could you practise the actions to join in singing the song?


We would love to see you practising our Nursery Rhyme of the week. Don't forget to post your videos on Twitter and Tapestry.


Musical Corners

We have learnt the names of lots of different phonemes including 's', 'a', 't', and 'p'.  Explore your house to find 2 objects that begin with each sound. eg soup and soap.

Write each letter on a separate sheet of paper. Place these in 4 corners of the room. Play some music and dance along. When the music stops, choose an object and place it in the correct corner. "Ssssss soap. Soap belongs with ssss"

How many objects did you sort correctly? Which phoneme do you need more practise in recognising?

Keep some of the objects that you have found for later in the week.


  Don't forget to post your pictures and videos of your 'Musical Corners' on Twitter and Tapestry!

Mr Myers and Mrs Birkett would love to see them.


On Saturday 23rd of May we celebrate Elmer Day, This week we will look at the different books in the Elmer series. To find out more information about Elmer Day, click the link below:

Elmer is a story written by David Mckee. To find out  If you enjoy this story, it is available on Amazon as both a hard copy or Kindle book . Click the image below:



   Questions you could ask about this story

What is the name of the Author who has written the story?

What was your favourite event in the story? Why is that your favourite?

Who are the characters in the story?

What colour is Elmer?


 Creative Fun!

Can you make your own Elmer? You could do this in lots of different ways and use a range of materials. Here are some ideas below:



Milk Carton Elephants  


Elmer Biscuits 


Elmer Painting

Elmer Collage

You can also download an Elmer Outline by clocking the link below. Join Twinkl for free:


 The Nursery Team can't wait to see your creations on twitter and Tapestry!


Tuesday 19th May


Mathematics: Our Number of the Week

This weeks 'Number of the Week is the number:

 Number Blocks 

Click the image below to watch 'Eight' Numberblocks episode. How many different representations of 8 are in the video? How was 8 made? How did 7 change to make the number 8?

Can you count to 8 in different ways? You could count aloud in different voices including a whisper, shout, singing and cross voice.

You could also count claps, taps on knees, stamps and jumps to 8. You could do this outside!

OCTOBLOCK 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8!

Mr Myers Number Challenge 

Now its time to go on a Number  Hunt around your house/ garden or during your daily walk. Can you find different representations of the number 8?


Can you find the numeral 8?

Can you find 8 blocks?

Can you find eight pieces of fruit?

Can you find a playing card with the numeral 8 on it?

Can you find 8 teddy bears/action figures?

Can you find 8 objects of your choice? 

You could take photographs of the objects that you find and post these on Tapestry and twitter.  Click the website name above to access. We can't wait to see your ideas!

Hickory Dickory Dock Phonics!

The repetition and rhyme of 'Nursery Rhymes' is an important element of phonics. As children become familiar with songs, they begin to recognise words that rhyme and the rhythm.

Click the image below to play the game. Can you copy the different sounds that are made? Can you use a loud/quiet voice. What is making the sound? Can you ring the Nursery rhyme in the correct order?



  You could post videos of  imitating the sounds and singing the songs on Tapestry or twitter. Don't forget to tag us using the twitter handle @NOrchardpa


Wednesday 20th May


Phonics: Our 'Phoneme of the Week'

This weeks 'Phoneme of the Week' is 'i'

Jolly Phonics Jingle 

Each of the phonemes (Letter Sounds) has it's own jingle and action. These help us to remember the sound that the phoneme makes. Can you join in to sing the jingle and copy the action?



  You could post videos of your fantastic phonics on twitter and Tapestry. 

Writing the Phoneme/Grapheme

You could write 't' in lots of different ways.  You could use your finger to write it in the air, on your hand, using your elbow or nose and on someones back! Can you write 't' so that it is big and then small?

Can you write the letter 'i?

You could use chalk to write it on the floor

You could paint it on a large sheet of paper 

You could write it in shaving foam, glitter or flour

You could write it on the ground using a paint brush and water. How long will it take for your letter to disappear? 

We can't wait to see your marvellous mark-making on twitter and Tapestry!


If you have access to a printer, you could colour in the picture of the cake and practise writing the letter 'i'. 

 Mr Myers Phonics Challenge 

Your challenge today is to find as many objects in your house that begin with the phoneme 'p'. Can you collect them and put them in your sound box?

How many objects have you found?

Can you sound talk the name of the objects  eg 'p-i-n. pin'

 Don't forget to take photographs of your hunt and the objects that you find. You could post these on twitter or Tapestry!

Elmer and Wilbur 

 Questions you could ask about this story

What is the name of the Author who has written the story?

What was your favourite event in the story? Why is that your favourite?

Who are the characters in the story?

What colour is Wilbur? How is he different to Elmer?

All About Elephants

Watch the video below to find out all about African Elephants.



Elephant Webcams 

Click the image below to see the webcam of the elephant enclosure at San Diego Zoo I wonder how the elephants spend their day? You could also watch a live cam of Africa

Elephant Webcam African Webcam 


Thursday 21st  May


Mathematics: Our Number of the Week

 Can you remember the name of the number that we have been learning about this week?

Our 'Number of the Week' is:



Can you write the 'Number Eight'?

Can you learn the rhyme to help you to remember how to form the numeral 8?


You could write the number 8 in lots of different ways. You could write it in shaving foam or with paint. We'd like to see how creative you can be and the ideas that you have come up with!

Don't forget to tag us on twitter!


You can also post your observations on Tapestry too.

Clap for Carers


 Each Thursday evening at 8pm people clap to say thank you to the carers and key workers who are helping to support the country. This includes lorry/ delivery drivers, shop assistants, nurses, doctors, care workers, school staff. Every week we we will be learning about a group of key workers and 'people that help us'.

Are your grown ups or family members a key worker? We would love to hear about their job and how they help people. Please post your photographs on Twitter and Tapestry so that we can celebrate these local heroes who live in our school community!



The Wheels on the Bus!

 Bus, train and taxi drivers have played an important role in transporting people during this time. Which is your favourite mode of transport? You could build your own train or bus using different materials. You could use junk model materials, lego or blocks to do this. You could also think of your own creative way to build your vehicle!

 Once you've made your vehicle you could make  and write your own tickets for your passengers. You could hole punch the passengers tickets once they have boarded your vehicle. You could also collect coins for your passengers to use to pay for their journey.

 We can't wait to see your photographs and videos of your models! 

'Sound Talking' Phonics

We can begin to spell words by naming each of the sounds/phonemes that we can hear. Choose 4 objects from the musical corners activity. Can you remember what each of these objects are called?

Ask your grown up to sound talk the name of the objects: 's-oa-p. soap'.

Now its time to dance to the music again. When the music stops your grown up is going to sound talk the word. Can you find and name the object?


Friday 22nd May

Cbeebies Stories

Now its time to collect a blanket, relax and snuggle down for a story. This story is called the Great Animal Mix Up.

Andy's Wild Adventures Elephants 

Click the image below to watch the Elephants episode of Andy's Wild Adventures.


Elephant Stomp!

Can you copy the actions and dance along to the song?



Family and Friends Friday

It is important that we stay in contact with family and friends during this time. Although we can't meet our friends and family in person, there are lots of ways to stay in touch using technology.

You could use the phone, Facetime, Whats App Video call or Zoom.

You could share a story, show your home learning work or simply have a chat.

Let us know the different ways that you are keeping in touch with your friends and family by sending us photographs on twitter and Tapestry.