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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Orchard Primary Academy

Pupil Premium Grant (PPG)

Orchard has a higher than average number of children eligible for Pupil Premium. For the 2019-20 academic year, 53% of pupils at Orchard are eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant. The current allocation for the 2019-20 PPG is £211,200.

From 2019-20 we will be moving to a three year strategy. The three year strategy will replace the previous year long strategies which were reviewed at the end of each academic year. Moving forward, we will 'light touch review' aims and objectives termly and adjust budgets, support and interventions accordingly. By following a three year model, we aim to take a longer view of the support the grant provides and ensure objectives are in line with the Academy Improvement Plan.

Main barriers to achievement:

Academic barriers to attainment Non-academic barriers to attainment
Current rates of progress and attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths is below non-disadvantaged peers nationally Disadvantaged attendance is still below the national non-disadvantaged figure of 96%. Punctuality and persistent absence is also above non-disadvantaged peers
Children enter school with poor communication and language skills High levels of social and emotional need from disadvantaged pupils
Lack of home reading opportunities Lack of parental engagement and support with home learning
Inability to focus for sustained periods of time, boys in particular Lack of enrichment opportunities and wider world understanding

 Allocation of spending to address barriers:

  • Employed an additional teacher to reduce class sizes in UKS2
  • Employed subject/area specialists to lead key areas for development across school
  • Employed a part-time teacher to cover leadership time of staff, ensuring a consistent level of good teaching
  • Speech and Language therapist commissioned to support specific children
  • Speech and Language training provided for staff to support children in class and for support staff to lead interventions
  • Purchased the 'Reading Cloud' so that an effective library borrowing system is in place and children can actively take books home to read
  • Implementation of an attendance team
  • Purchased rewards and initiatives to encourage good attendance
  • Employed a learning mentor to support children's social and emotional needs
  • Subsidised school trips/visitors
  • Wrote a curriculum built on/around wider world experiences

Summary of main expenditure:


Expenditure area Cost
Extra teacher in UKS2 £23,720
Subject/area specialists £29,550
Part-time teacher to cover leadership £6,000
Speech and Language support £4,963
Reading cloud £1,800
Attendance  £30,118
Learning mentor £17,211
Curriculum enrichment £11,700

 Measuring the impact of PPG:


Disadvantaged Non-Disadvantaged
% of children achieving GLD 50% 65.4%
% of children achieving ELG in Communication & Language 83.3% 76.9%
% of children achieving ELG in Physical Development 94.4% 88.5%
% of children achieving ELG in PSED 72.2% 76.9%


Disadvantaged Non-Disadvantaged
% of children achieving Exp+ in Reading 50% 60%
% of children achieving Exp+ in Writing 50% 73.3%
% of children achieving Exp+ in Maths 45.8% 66.7%


Disadvantaged  Non-Disadvantaged
% of children achieving Exp+ in Reading 9%
% of children achieving Exp+ in Writing 50%
% of children achieving Exp+ in Maths 17%

 To view our PPG strategies and reviews, follow the links below: