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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Orchard Primary Academy

Reading at Orchard

At Orchard, reading is at the heart of everything we do! We aim to teach children to become confident, fluent readers, whilst also developing a love of books and an excitement about reading.

Reading Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Reading Progression 


The Teaching of Reading in Early Years and Key Stage 1

In Early Years and Key Stage 1, children are taught to read using the Read Write Inc phonics programme alongside a range of reading strategies that help them to decode unfamiliar words. As children become more fluent in their reading, they are taught comprehension strategies which help to build the foundations for future learning. 


Children in Early Years begin with books that are linked to environmental sounds. Once they are taught the RWI set one sounds they take home the Set 1 sounds book. Children who have been taught to blend take home RWI books that they have been reading in class, alongside RWI book bag books. 

The Teaching of Reading in Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, we build on the reading strategies and comprehension skills taught in Key stage 1. Children take part in daily Guided Reading lessons, which focus on a range of high-quality Fiction and Non-Fiction texts.

The reading strategies which are taught, modelled and practised are:

Every Guided Reading lesson focuses on at least one of the nine reading domains. The nine reading domains are as follows:

Children are given the opportunities to learn and practise skills linked to the reading domains in a wide variety of ways. Children are taught which reading strategies are most useful for each of the domains and have time to work independently; with a partner; in small groups and as a class.

How do we foster a love of reading at Orchard?

Reading Areas

Every classroom in school has an inviting reading area, full of a wide range of Fiction and Non-Fiction texts. Children are regularly given the opportunity to select texts from their class' reading area and spend time, getting comfy and reading their chosen book. Books in the reading areas are changed half-termly to match the children's interests; topics taught across the curriculum and wider world issues. Have a look at some of the wonderful reading areas across school:



Weekly Library Visits

 At Orchard, we are incredibly lucky to have an amazing library and brilliant librarian. Every class from Nursery to Year 6 has a weekly library slot. In their library time, children choose and loan books and often stay to listen to a story from our librarian, Mr McGrath.

"Mr McGrath's stories are really exciting! I like the library." 

Reception pupil


Reading Buddies

 Every year, a group of our Year 6 children are trained to be Reading Buddies. The role of a Reading Buddy is to excite the younger children about reading; share their favourite stories with them and support them with their own reading. This year the Year 6 children are working with a group of Year 1s. Every Wednesday lunch time, the buddies pair up and enjoy spending time in the library together.

The Year 6 children love their role as Reading Buddies and are super role models to the Year 1 pupils.


Paired Reading

 In Key Stage 2, children spend 10 minutes every day reading with a partner. Children are taught how to effectively read aloud with appropriate expression and intonation. As the children become confident, they begin to ask simple comprehension questions for their partners to answer. The children are also taught how to be active listeners, when being read to.

"I really like reading with my partner. I like listening to her read and then when it's my turn she listens to me. It's like reading two books!"

Year 4 pupil

Teacher Read Alouds

All classes in school have at least 10 minutes, every day, to listen to their teacher read aloud. In Early Years and Key Stage 1, children vote for which books they would like to hear on a daily basis. In Key Stage 2, teachers and classes choose a novel, which they enjoy together for approximately a half-term.


Teacher Class Swap Sessions

 On the final Friday of every month, the teachers swap classes and share a story with a different group of children. The teachers love swapping classes and getting to share some of their favourite texts with a new class. The children enjoy listening to their visiting teacher and are always really excited to find out who will be joining them next.


Reading Suitcases


In Reception, two children are chosen every week for their hard work and attitudes to learning. These children are rewarded with a reading suitcase for the weekend. Inside is a story book carefully chosen by the teacher; a sachet of hot chocolate and biscuit to enjoy whilst reading and a diary to create their very own book review.

The Reception children are thoroughly enjoying the reading suitcases and are all desperate to have their turn and find out what is inside!

Published Authors


It's not just famous authors in our library at Orchard! Every half-term, we create a book of children's independent writing from across Key Stage 2. Teachers choose adults who have impressed with their attitude and effort within their independent writing sequence. These pieces of writing are then published and collated in the library for everybody to enjoy!

Move over Julia Donaldson, there are some new authors in town!

Raffle Ticket Reading

Who doesn't love a bit of friendly competition?! In every classroom across school, children are rewarded for filling a full page of their reading diary. Children fill their reading diary by simply...reading! When a child has read to an adult, in school or at home, read to a sibling or themselves, they get their reading diaries signed. When the children show their completed pages to an adult in class, they receive a raffle ticket, which goes into the class pot.  At the end of each half-term a winner from each class is chosen and they winners visit 'The Works' to choose a book of their own to take home and keep.



Reading Outdoors


The thrill of a good book isn't limited to inside! At Orchard, we know that book worms love to read anywhere at any time and that is why we have invested heavily in our outdoor reading opportunities. From Early Years to Year 6, the children have access to a range of Phonics activities and books in the outdoor areas and playgrounds. The contents are restocked and changed regularly so there is always something to inspire!