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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Reception Transition

Welcome to the Reception Transition Page

Hazel Class

If your child is joining our Hazel Class next year their class teacher is Miss Clayton. To find out more about your new teacher please watch the video below:


Also working in the Hazel Classroom will be:







Mrs Broady                                                                                                     Mr Myers 

Maple Class

If your child is joining our Maple Class next year their class teacher is Miss Murray. To find out more about your new teacher please watch the video below:



Also working in the Maple Classroom will be:


       Miss Booth                                                                                             Miss Inns                                                                

Frequently Asked Questions 

 Please find a list of frequently asked questions regarding your child's transition to Reception at Orchard Primary Academy below. If you have any further questions please contact the school office via either phone or email:

Phone: 01924 469 578

Email: office@orchardprimaryacademy.org

For more information click the button below to download the Orchard Primary Academy Reception Transition Booklet:

Reception Transition Booklet 


 To support parents in preparing for their children beginning their Reception year we have created a Reception 2020 Facebook Group. Information and key documents will be posted regularly to keep you informed of preparations for September 2020 We would therefore like to encourage all parents to join this group by following the group below:

Reception 2020 Facebook 

 Will my child receive a home visit before starting Reception?

At Orchard Primary Academy, arrangements are usually made for staff to meet children who are new to our Reception setting during a 'Home Visit' before they begin to attend school.

Whilst we are hoping to contact parents to carry out home visits  the week commencing the 7th September, this will depend upon the current government guidance. Children who have previously attended our Nursery or Pre-School will not require a second home visit unless requested.

Further information will be shared with you prior to September. Senior leaders will be hosting a 'Zoom' meeting on the 15th July to offer parents the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. Details will be sent via email/ Parentmail and phone call.

What forms/paperwork  do I need to complete before my child begins Reception?

During your child's home visit or parental drop in session, we will support you to fill in the  admission forms. The admission forms provide us with important information including contact details and any medical needs.

Electronic copies of this form can be found by clicking the button below:

 Orchard Admission Form  

Children who have previously attended our Pre-School or Nursery will not be required to complete a new admission form. However, we would request that parents update the office if there has been a change to your contact details

When will my child start Reception in September?

 Our aim is that the Reception children will return/ begin school on Wednesday 9th September. Following the disruption of COVID-19, Reception pupils will begin attending school initially on a part time basis to support their transition. Details of the timings for the first school week can be found below:

Wednesday 9th September: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Thursday 10th September: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Friday 11th September: 9:00am- 1:00pm (Children will receive a school lunch)

The Reception children will then begin to attend school on a full time basis the week commencing 14th September. The school day will be 9:00am - 3:20pm.

What are the names  of the Reception classes at Orchard Primary Academy?

Each class at Orchard Primary Academy is named after a British tree. Our two Reception classes are called Hazel and Maple.

Where are the Hazel/Maple classrooms?

The Hazel and Maple classrooms are  situated in our Early Years Building. This can be found next to the Chickenley Community Centre off Princess Road.

Where will I drop off and collect my child from?

The Reception children and parents will enter either via the front entrance through the black glass door or  via the door at the rear of  the Early Years Building. You will be greeted by a member of our Reception staff.  

What are the start and end times for the Reception school day?

At Orchard Primary Academy our attendance target is 96%.

Attendance and punctuality is extremely important to a child’s education and establishing positive routines.

Persistent absence and lateness to school can have a negative impact upon children’s learning and achievement. We do however understand that young children become unwell. If your child is ill and absent from school you must contact the academy office before the start of the school day on 01924 469578.

If you do not report your child’s absence you will receive a phone call from a member of our office staff. If we are unable to contact you a member of SLT will carry out a home visit.

Our Pastoral Team are also here to support you with any concerns that you may have with attendance and punctuality.

The Reception pupils will attend school for the whole day. The times for the start and end of the Reception school day can be found below:

 Reception School Day:

9:00am- 3:20pm

 What is a 'Keyworker'?

 A key person is a member of staff who works directly with your child and their family. Your child’s key person will help to complete your child’s journey through Reception by assisting your child with their transition period. 

A key person will provide you with regular feedback regarding your child’s progress. A key worker responds sensitively to children’s feelings and behaviors and will meet their allocated children’s emotional needs by giving reassurance. A key worker supports the child’s overall well-being during their time at school. The key worker supports physical needs too, helping with issues such as eating, toileting and dressing.

What is a 'Learning Journey'?

 Throughout a child's time in the Early Years of Nursery and Reception, a Learning Journey Portfolio is created for them as their journey at school begins. It is a collection of every significant step that your child takes in all areas of learning. A collection of photographs, observations, notes, and work samples will be collected to document your child’s progress

At Orchard Primary Academy, we use an online journal provider called ‘Tapestry’ to collect and store your child’s electronic ‘Learning Journey’.  A Tapestry account will be created for your child when they join Reception. We will then provide you with log in details to access your child's 'Learning Journey'.

Will my child need to wear a school uniform?

Yes. Reception children must wear a school uniform. Wearing a school uniform allows children to feel a part of the whole school.

Reception children will also be required to wear a P.E uniform.

Details of our full school uniform requirements can be found on our school website:


Please ensure that all uniform is labelled with your child's name.

Reception children may also require a bag with a change of clothing if necessary.

Where can I buy school uniform?

Our academy Jumpers and cardigans can be purchased from:

Smart Uniforms, 1-3 Cheapside Bradford Road, Batley WF17 5ND : 01924 442294


Rawcliffes, 18a Crackenedge Ln, Dewsbury WF13 1PU

Will my child receive a drink and snack during the day?

Reception children are provided with a named water bottle that they can drink from throughout the session. They also receive one piece of fruit and a carton of milk.

What will my child have for their lunch?

 At Orchard Primary Academy, all children in Reception and Key Stage One are entitled to ‘Free School Meals’. This could save you up to £400 per year. We offer a wide variety of School meal choices to cater for all children's tastes.

Registering for Free School Meals also provides our school with additional funding to support your child’s learning. We would therefore like to encourage you to apply online using the link below:
You may also choose for your child to attend school with a packed lunch.
If you wish to change to or from a school dinner from packed lunch we ask you give at least 1 weeks notice.
Further details regarding school meals can also be found on our website:

What will my child learn in Reception ?

 The first half term in Reception is spent settling the children into  new routines and encouraging  children to develop independence. This time also enables children establish positive relationships with their peers and staff.

The Reception classrooms are similar to the Nursery environment to ensure continuity and familiarity (For example, sand or water play, role-play areas, construction and small world areas, creative areas, etc). This helps the children  continue to develop their learning through the different areas of provision both indoors and outdoors.

Phonics is taught daily to promote reading and writing. Communication, Language and Literacy as well as Mathematics  teaching sessions also take place throughout the week.

An example timetable can be found by clicking the button below:

Reception Timetable