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Welcome to our Home Learning. In the coming weeks this page will be regularly updated with activities for you to do at home. We would love you to share the learning with our class twitter page or Tapestry if you prefer.


Below you will find daily activities to practise skills in all areas of learning. 

Share a Story Month

The month of May is 'National Share-a-Story Month' 

We want to remember the power of storytelling and promote sharing a story.  Watch out for challenges, competitions and activities to be in with a chance to win certificates and 'Golden Tickets'.  

 This Weeks Challenge

Can you draw a picture or write about your favourite book and post it on Twitter or Tapestry for the teachers to see. Don't tell us which story it is though as the teachers have to guess.

 Post your pictures on Twitter using #shareastoryatOrchard

Good Luck!



Summer 1 - Week 5



Story of the Week



Our story of the week is Superworm. The Author of this is Julia Donaldson, do you know any other books by her?

She has written some of my favourite books.

Rhyme of the Week


Our rhyme of the week is 'It's Raining, It's Pouring'.  Can you learn the words and the sign language?  Can you perform it for your grown-ups?  Please upload any videos onto Twitter or Tapestry, we would love to see them.


Number of the Week



Number 15 is super secret agent.  He can be made with 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 and they make the step squad. Could you represent 15 by drawing the step squad?  Are there any other ways you can represent 15?

Do you know any number 15 facts, like what is one more and 1 less? what numbers is it more than or less than? 

Monday 18th May


Phonics Phase 2

Watch this video reminding us of the phoneme h.

Can you find some objects in the house beginning with h?

Phonics Phase 3

This video is all about the trigraph air.  Remember a trigraph is three letters that make one sound.

 Click here for more activities for the digraph air


What objects did you find? Can you write them in a list?   

Practise the formation of h. 


Watch our story of the week, Superworm.

Who is your favourite character in the story? Why do you like them? 

Did you like this story?

My favourite part of the story is Superworm the skipping rope.

It is my favourite part because I like how kind Superworm is for letting the bees play with him in that way.

What is your favourite part of the story and why?


Watch the story

Let's draw worms like in the book. You can make worms of different lengths.

Let's Get Creative

Why not have a go at some worm art.

You could paint with spaghetti

Or thread a pasta worm.

Rhyme of the Day

Here's a fun rhyme to learn and dance to.

Tuesday 19th May

 Phonics Phase 2

Watch this video reminding us of the phoneme b.

Can you find some objects in the house beginning with the letter b?

Phonics Phase 3

This video is all about the trigraph ure.

This is the sound that Miss Murray finds it the most difficult to pronounce properly!

 Click here for more activities for the digraph ure



What b objects did you find? Can you write them in a list?   

Practise the formation for the letter b.



A question is when you say something and you want an answer.  Questions can start with What, Why, When, Where, Who … and end with a question mark - ? For example, Where are you going? 


If you were to meet ‘Superworm’ in real life, What would you ask him? What would you want to know? 

Talk with your grownups about the types of question you could ask him.  Draw a picture of ‘Superworm’ and write your question. Don't forget to use a question mark at the end.



Let's Play a Game

Rhyme of the Day.

 Story Time

Our story today is 'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson.  She si also the author of Superworm.

Watch the story and think about all the animals and their babies. Do baby animals have different names? e.g. dog and puppy.

Why do butterflies babies not look like her? Are there any other animals you know about where the babies don't look like them?


Wednesday 20th May

Phonics Phase 2

Watch this video reminding us of the phoneme f.

Can you find some objects in the house beginning with the letter f?

Phonics Phase 3

This video is all about the digraph er.

 Click here for more activities for the digraph er


What objects did you find? Can you write them in a list? 

Practise the formation for the letter f.





Look at some of the characters in the story. 

Which character would you like to find out more about? 

What would you like to ask him? 

Draw a picture of the character.  Talk to your grown-up about the questions you could ask them, choose one question to write down. Post your question on Twitter or Tapestry and you might just get an answer.


Today I would like you to find an object which you can use to measure with, such as a piece of string or a pen.

Can you find some objects which are longer than yours and some which are shorter. Lay all your objects down and put them in order from the shortest to the longest. 

Click the image below to go to Topmarks and play the size ordering game.

Rhyme of the Day


Jigsaw Jenie would like to know what you want to be when you are older? 

Maybe you could draw a picture or write a sentence to let us know. Or you could record a video of yourself telling us what you want to be and why. We would really love to see these on Twitter or Tapestry.

Song Time

Find some ideas for what you might want to be when you grow up in this song. Can you join in with the actions?

Story Time

Even more ideas in this story about what you can be when you grow up. We can't wait to hear your aspirations!


Thursday 21st May


 Today we are looking at double letters. Can you find any words with double letters in your storybooks? Make a list of the words you find.


 Practise writing phase 3 tricky words. 




 Design your own superhero. 

Superworm was able to use his long body to rescue or help people.  What can your superhero do?

Write their super power underneath. 

Miss Murray's super power would be to have super speed and super strength. That would help me to run really fast, because I like to run but I would also be able to help people.

Let's Get Creative

Have a go at making your own Superhero mask. Here are some ideas home made using a paper plate.


Today we have some measuring challenges for you.




Rhyme of the Day


Story Time


Let's Get Active!

 What rope games can you play? 



Tug of War


Friday 22nd May - Elmer Day

Today we are celebrating Elmer Day.



Elmer the excitable elephant.

This is an alliterative sentence because the words start with e. Can you think of an animal that has same letter at the beginning as your name?

Try making a fun sentence with alliteration. 

Here are some examples.

Miss Murray the mischievous monkey. 

Miss Clayton the crazy crocodile. 



Find out the favourite colours of as many people as you can, you may have to call some people who don’t live in your house to do this. 

Which colour has the most votes? 

Which colour has the least? 

Are there any colours that nobody said?

 Are there any with the same number of votes? 

Can you (with some help) make a bar chart of your findings?

Let's Get Creative

You could draw, paint, colour or collage to make an Elmer picture. Here are some inspirational ideas.



Understanding the World

Can you find out some facts about real elephants?

You could find out where they live, what they eat or what baby elephants are called.

Ask an adult to help you use some books or the Internet to find out some information. 

We are all Unique

During the story, Elmer realises that he likes being unique and special. What makes you special? Are you very good at doing something? Are you kind, funny or helpful? Draw a picture of something that makes you special and unique. 

Rhyme of the Day

Links to try at home


Image result for bbc nursery rhymes     Image result for phonics play    Image result for top marks


   Image result for oxford owl

  • Post a picture of you sharing a story - this could be with your family, a teddy or even a pet.
  • Post a picture reading in an unusual place.