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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Orchard Primary Academy

Science Day

Welcome to our web-page for Orchard Primary Academy Science Day 2021! This year, Science day will be held on Friday 8th March 2021 and will involve everybody from Pre-School right the way up to Year 6. This years theme is Innovating for the future and at Orchard, we know our children are the future so we want to give them the opportunity to explore their world through Science. Throughout the day, children will explore a range of concepts such as surface tension; absorption; properties of materials; static charge; carbon-dioxide production and many more areas of Science- but the focus is on the enjoyment and processes of Science!

In the morning, all children will have chance to take part in a whole-school investigation to answer the question 'Can bigger hands pick up more counters?' then in the afternoon, we have lots of exciting experiments for children to complete, to help them discover and immerse themselves in the wonders of Science. Below are links to the experiments each phase will be completing in the afternoons. As part of the day, each class will be given a fascinating Scientist to research and EYFS will be taking part in a 'what is a Scientist?' discover session with lots of exciting props and conversation starters. 


Class Scientists:


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

What is a scientist? Discovery Box

Mae Jemison

David Attenborough

Alexa Canady

Tim Peake

Henryk W. Magnuski


Katherine Johnson



Water Xylophone - https://youtu.be/LsZ0JmKRfeI

Jumping Frogs- https://youtu.be/HNF10MbDGAg

Water Pictures- https://youtu.be/l4pMbZKgWKE


Year 1 and Year 2:

 Transport Water Using String- https://youtu.be/ihkYOFuMp8g

Tornado in a Jar- https://youtu.be/cffU3LYXmX0

Dancing Raisins- https://youtu.be/v1Tg95hKyvs


Year 3 and Year 4:

Pop! Mento Experiment- https://youtu.be/QJazPvQ6-Os

Magic Milk- https://youtu.be/3C1coU4wr6A

Instructions for 'bouncing oobleck!' Click Here!

Year 5 and Year 6:

Rollercoaster Challenge (shock absorbers)- https://youtu.be/88LRVFCUgE0

Bubble in a Bubble - https://youtu.be/9kcZZ8ZgO0s

Scribble Bots- https://youtu.be/IVrfcTPSzyo