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Welcome to our home learning page! Each week Miss Nugent, Miss Morley and Mrs Murphy will update this page with different Phonics, English, Maths and Topic related activities for you to complete at home. 

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Keep working hard, stay safe and we will see you soon! 

National Share a Story Month

This month is 'National Share a Story' month. 

At Orchard we will be celebrating this! We want you to share stories with those in your house, such as your mum, dad and/or brothers/sisters. You could even share them with your pet! You might want to do an activity based on your books such as design the front cover, write about your favourite character and so much more!

Each week, a winner will be picked by Mrs Murphy, Miss Hirst or Mr Myers for those who take part!

This week!

This week, we would like you to draw a picture of your favourite book for us to guess!

Post them on twitter with the hashtag #shareastoryatOrchard

If you want to do another activity, Click here for the Share a Story Competition!

Monday 18th May 2020


Today we are going to look at the 'oy' sound.

Watch the video below to get started.

Using the words below with the 'oy' sound, draw a picture for each and then write a sentence to go with it.

boy   toy   joyful   destroyed   loyal   royal   enjoy



This week in English, we are going to be looking at Dinosaurs! 

We will be writing an information text about the T-Rex.

Look at the question below and discuss it with your adult.


What is an information text?


Watch the video and then draw a picture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Write 5 facts about it round the edge of your picture.



Today's lesson is all about number bonds!

Listen to the song below to remind yourselves of the number bonds to 10.

Once you have listened to this, CLICK HERE to access the lesson.


Topic (RE) 

This week in RE, we are going to learn about Eid.

Do you know what Eid is?

Do you know who celebrates Eid?

Do you know why people celebrate Eid?

What do people do for Eid?

Read this information about Eid and then create a fact file answering the questions above.

 What is Eid? Click here to find out!


We love to end our day with a story, here is 'The Tiger who came to Tea' by Judith Kerr.


  Tuesday 19th May 2020


Today we are going to be looking at the 'ph' sound.

Take a look at Geraldine the Giraffe learning all about our phonics sound for today.....

Phoneme Spotter: Now read the postcard and write down all the 'ph' you can find.



This week we are looking at information texts about Tyrannosaurus-Rex and creating a story map.

To kick start our lesson, let's recap some of the key words for this subject.

prey   habitat   carnivore

Talk to your adult about what these words mean.

Now, watch the video and join in with creating a story map for the information text.



In this lesson you will be recapping what a two digit number is and then using this information to create number sentences by adding on ones.

CLICK HERE to access today's lesson!


Topic (Geography)


 Today we are going to be looking at the seasons in Australia. Where is Australia? Can you find it on Google Earth? 

Google Earth 

The Seasons in Australia are different are different to the seasons in the UK. Can you answer these questions about the Seasons in Australia?

1. What is the difference between the seasons in Australia and the in the UK?

2. In Australia what months are in Summer? 

3a. If you was to celebrate Christmas in Australia what would the weather be like? 

3b. How is this different to the UK?

4. I am in Australia and it is very hot! I need to wear sun cream and a sun hat. What season could I be visiting Australia in? 

Use this video to help you!

Try to read as much as you can at home, here is a story for you to enjoy! 



Wednesday 20th May 2020


Today we are going to be looking at the 'wh' sound.

Now create a spider diagram of all the 'wh' words you know and then choose four to write into sentences.


Today we are looking at how to use past tense.

Talk to your adult about what past tense is.

Watch the video from eight minutes in, to get to grips with past tense.

Challenge: Listen to the song about past tense and then see if you can create your own version by changing the action words.

You could even get your adult to film it-don't forget to tweet us!




In this lesson you will be subtracting ones from two-digit numbers.

Subtracting is counting backwards. Listen to this song to help you subtract!

CLICK HERE to access today's lesson



Don't forget to warm up before you take part in any exercise!

Here is 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson, I hope you enjoy the story!


Thursday 21st May 2020


Today in our phonics lesson we are going to be looking at the 'au' sound.

Watch the video and learn along with Geraldine the Giraffe.

 Now look at the word search below and see if you can find the words from the word bank.

Challenge: Write out the 'au' words and add the sound buttons underneath.


Today in English we are starting to write our own information text about Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Click on the dinosaur to start today's lesson.



In this lesson you will be adding two-digit numbers and ones together with regrouping.

CLICK HERE to access today's lesson!


Topic (Science)

What do you think plants and seeds need to be healthy and grow, can you write a list? Here are some pictures to help you. Can you think of anymore?

Have a go at this game, making the plant grow! Click on the link 'Can you help the seed grow'. 


Then have a look at these different plants, will they grow? Why do you think this?



We love to end our day with a story. Here is the story, 'There are Cats in this Book' by Viviane Schwarz. This book is all about Miss Nugent's favourite animal! 


Friday 22nd May 2020


Today in phonics, we are looking at the 'a' sound, as in apron or label.

Take a look at the video about long vowel sounds to find out more.....


Now look at the word list below. Read the words out loud to your adult.

Remember to use your segmenting and blending skills to help you!

Then hunt round your house and see if you can find any other objects that have the long 'a' sound in them.

Draw pictures of the objects you find and label them.


Today in English, we are going to continue the work we started yesterday on our dinosaur information text.

Click the dinosaur to see the video for today's lesson.

Don't forget to tweet your finished information texts!


In this lesson you will be subtracting ones from two-digit numbers with regrouping.

CLICK HERE to access the lesson!







We love to end our day with a story. Here is the story, 'Avocado Baby' by John Burningham. Enjoy!