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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school.

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Orchard Primary Academy

Year 5 Transition

Welcome to the year 5 transition page.

5 Chestnut 

If you are in 5 Chestnut next year then your class teacher will be Mr Wakefield. 

You will be able to find out some fun facts about Mr Wakefield soon when he returns to school after becoming a Daddy!


 Also working in 5 Chestnut is 


                                                             Miss Berry                                                                     

5 Sycamore

If you are in 5 Sycamore next year then your class teacher will be Miss Fenn. 

Miss Fenn is new to Orchard this year and we are very excited to have her join our school.

What Miss Fenn's video to find out more about your teacher!

 Also working in 5 Sycamore is 


Mrs Mitchell                                                                        Mrs Scholes